Sarah Huckabee Sanders Flat Out Refuses to Say That Trump Hasn't Used the N-Word

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It’s been a long time since Sarah Huckabee Sanders graced the White House Briefing Room podium, but after an extended absence she was back in action on Tuesday, doing what she does best: Lying, obfuscating, and playing victim on behalf of her boss.


In light of former White House adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman’s release of a tape featuring other administration officials discussing a purported recording of Trump using the n-word, Sanders flatly refused to assure the press corps that such a tape didn’t exist.

“I can’t guarantee anything,” Sanders admitted.

“I haven’t been in every single room,” she added, directing the press to Trump’s Tuesday morning tweet in which he denied using the n-word. Then she tried to pathetically spin allegations of the president’s racism into an opportunity to discuss minority unemployment.

Sanders also used Tuesday’s briefing to personally attack Omarosa, saying she had a “lack of integrity” and claiming she didn’t have “the best interests of the White House, the president, and the country” in mind. She then attacked reporters for focusing on Omarosa, as if her boss hadn’t been tweeting about her endlessly for days.

Later in the briefing Sanders declared that “the media has done more to divide this country. Far more than this president ever has.” And, again, she’s talking about a president who spent the morning calling a black woman a “dog” after she’d accused him of using a racial epithet.

Sarah. Welcome back. Now go away again.

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