Sarah Huckabee Sanders' Freakout About James Comey Is Worthy of Her Boss

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Everywhere you look today, there’s James Comey! Members of the media got their hands on the former FBI director’s new book, A Higher Loyalty, ahead of its Tuesday release, and there are simply too many juicy/sanctimonious tidbits to pick just one to report to eager readers.


And Sarah Huckabee Sanders, press secretary to a man who was elected president in no small part because he received round-the-clock cable news coverage, is sick and tired of journalists giving so much attention to Comey. She called him a “disgraced partisan hack” whose book “belongs in the bargain bin of the fiction section.” Oh snap!

“One of the president’s greatest achievements will go down as firing James Comey,” Sanders said, perhaps unaware that Trump’s firing of Comey was the catalyst for Robert Mueller’s investigation which is currently giving the president and his inner circle so many endless headaches

Then Sanders put on her media critic hat, bashing the press for its constant coverage of Comey’s book.

“You guys spend hours upon hours every single day praising Jim Comey, propping him up, giving him the biggest platform. We shouldn’t be praising him, we should be putting him down, we should be taking him off of air,” she said, before going on to say the media should report on “real problems.”

“You guys will cover it endlessly, all day today, all day tomorrow, and my guess is every day next week, with very little time to the issues that people care about,” Sanders continued.


It took almost no time at all for reporters to point out the glaring irony of Sanders’ remarks.


Then, after dwelling for just a moment on that rebuke from a woman paid to lie, the Washington press busied itself covering the president’s latest antics:


Irony is dead.

Managing Editor, Splinter