Sarah Huckabee Sanders Goes Full Sean Spicer in Rant About Fake News

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The White House press briefings have been a largely dull affair under Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Gone are the days of Sean Spicer’s red-faced eruptions. Or so we thought.


On Monday, reporters asked Huckabee Sanders about Donald Trump’s ongoing attacks on the media. In response, Huckabee Sanders took a decidedly Spicerish turn at the podium, shouting down reporters and ranting about fake news.

“When journalists make honest mistakes they should own up to them. Sometimes, and a lot of times you don’t,” Sanders chided CNN’s Jim Acosta, whose network fumbled a major story on the Trump campaign’s connection to Wikileaks. (CNN, of course, apologized and issued a correction almost immediately.)

“I’m not finished,” she continued. “There’s a very big difference between making honest mistakes, and purposefully misleading the American people—something that happens regularly.” She then held up her hand to silence reporters off-camera, adding, “I’m not done” and continuing to rant.

Sanders neglected to provide any evidence to back up her claim of deliberate lying on the part of the media. Nor did she mention the malicious and deliberate spreading of grotesque anti-Muslim films by the president on his Twitter account. But for a brief, shining moment, the White House press briefing was almost exciting.

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