Sarah Huckabee Sanders Goes on a Lengthy Rant About How Reporters Are Mean to Her

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This week, Reporters Without Borders released its annual “World Press Freedom Index,” and the U.S. dropped two spots this year to number 45.

When asked by CNN’s Jim Acosta on Wednesday about the downgrade, and whether President Trump likes the free press (answer: duh, no), White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders instead took the opportunity to complain that the press has been very mean to her:

We support a free press but we also support a fair press, and I think that those things should go hand in hand. And there’s a certain responsibility by the press to report accurate information. [As Acosta tries to interrupt] I’m not finished.

I think a number of people in this room do that every single day—they do their very best to provide fair and accurate information. Certainly support that and that’s one of the reasons I’m standing here taking your questions, and a lot of times taking your questions in a tone that’s completely unnecessary, unneeded, and frankly doesn’t help further the conversation, or help the American people get any more information in a better way, which is your job and my job, and that’s what I’m trying to do.

Not to be outdone in the “oh YEAH?” department, Acosta managed to shoehorn in the final word as Sanders worked to cut him off.


“The President’s tone toward the press obviously is not helpful at times,” Acosta stammered. “I think that that’s plain to see.” Good one.