Sarah Huckabee Sanders Has Had It Up to HERE With Dumb Reporters Not Following Her Spin on Guns

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The Trump’s administration latest plans to address gun violence in the wake of the Parkland, FL, shooting, which were released Sunday night and basically fall in line with the NRA’s priorities, backpedal on many of the policies the president said he was considering just a few weeks ago.


For one, any provision raising the age to purchase certain guns from 18 to 21 is conspicuously absent. But when reporters brought up Trump’s change in tune during a White House press briefing on Monday, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders got very frustrated that they were not following her spin about the “school safety” plan.

One reporter asked Sanders: “President Trump sort of made an example of Republican senators that are afraid of crossing the NRA ... based on the plan last night, it seems like President Trump was the one petrified of the NRA because he backed away from the ideas that he brought into the discussion. I’m asking why he chickened out, why he didn’t go forward with what he had proposed earlier?”

Sanders tried to claim that Trump is actually not backing away from his earlier proposals at all but instead focusing on policies that could be adopted “immediately.”

Then, toward the end of the briefing, this exchange happened when yet another reporter asked about Trump’s gun priorities:

In response to the reporter’s question, Sanders snapped back (emphasis added):

That’s not actually what I said. You guys continue to misunderstand and misrepresent the comments that I’m making. I’m saying that the president is pushing forward on things that we know have broad based support and we can immediately get done, while at the same time we’re looking at the best way forward to push these other things through, whether it’s on a state level, whether it’s on a federal level, we’re looking at the best process forward. Because the president does have to work within the Constitution we can’t just write things down and make them law, we actually have to follow a process and the president is going to go through that process and determine the best path forward on a number of issues that are outlined that he has supported.

Cry one smol tear for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the most misunderstood woman in Washington.

Clio Chang is a staff writer at Splinter.