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In a near-cosmic display of irony, current conservative martyr Sarah Huckabee Sanders waved away criticism of a very gross joke that a White House aide made about John McCain, explaining that the issue isn’t really the joke itself, but that (*gasp*) people found out about it.


Sanders did not seem too troubled that White House aide Kelly Sadler apparently said it didn’t matter what John McCain thought because “he’s dying anyway.”

Asked why Sadler is still employed in the White House, Sanders stonewalled, answering, “I’m not going to comment on an internal staff meeting,” and then “I’m not going to validate a leak one way or the other out of an internal staff meeting,” which is basically the excuse version of those shitty apologies where someone says they’re only sorry they got caught.


Sanders did, however, make a point of insisting that “we have a respect for all Americans and that is what we try to put forward in everything we do both in word and in action.” This, of course, is not true.

Later, when pressed on whether the White House would apologize to McCain, Sanders bristled, claiming she didn’t want to get into a “back and forth” on the subject. Neat.

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