Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Having a Normal One

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

At this point in the Trump presidency, Sarah Huckabee Sanders embarrassing herself is pretty much par for the course. Still, even by her own abysmally low standards, this—whatever, uh, this is—is wild.


What? Why?

In fairness to Sanders, she didn’t create this deranged post-Mueller bracket—that dubious honor belongs to the fine folks at the New York Post (Robert De Niro vs. Laurence Tribe, huh?) But now it’s got that shiny White House patina. Terrific!

As if to prove how much she loved this stupid thing, Sanders tweeted it again on Tuesday morning, along with some especially hackneyed media-bashing.

Look, I get it—Trump and his cronies are feeling pretty good this week. But this? This is just sad.