Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Thriving Because There Is No Justice in the World

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders left her job as White House press secretary earlier this year in a much more dignified fashion than your typical Trump aide—on her own terms, with a party thrown for her by a bunch of bootlicking White House reporters, and an endorsement from Trump for political office.

Now, she’s writing a book, because accountability for powerful people in America simply does not exist.

It was reported by Axios shortly after Sanders left the administration that she was planning on writing a book about her time in politics and the Trump White House, but publisher St. Martin’s Press made it official on Thursday with the news that the Sanders book is set to hit shelves next fall. It still doesn’t have a title, so here’s a suggestion: ‘How Do You Sleep At Night’: 45 Tips for Getting a Restful Eight Hours After a Long Day of Excusing Crimes. I’m personally most excited for the chapter about her brother’s love of animals.


The book deal follows last month’s launch of a website that looks pretty much exactly like every campaign website you’ve ever seen, which is only furthering the rumors that Sanders is gearing up for a run for governor of Arkansas in 2022, when current Gov. Asa Hutchinson is term-limited out of office. Sanders’ father, legendary comedian Mike Huckabee, was governor of the state from 1996 to 2007.

After Trump endorsed Sanders for governor back in June as she was on her way out the door, a PAC was set up by out-of-state operatives to help her out if she runs. Earlier this week, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported that the PAC has raised under $10,000 so far, and that Mike Huckabee was telling people not to donate to it.


If all of this is just intensely depressing to you, you’re not alone. Sarah Huckabee Sanders spent the better part of two years shilling for a racist administration hell-bent on ruining migrant families, fully indulging all of Trump’s many grudges, and generally expanding the bounds of the phrase “worst possible scenario.” And for her diligence in doing this shitty job, Sanders is being rewarded not with an extremely public shunning and the possibility of jail time, but with more money, more attention, and the prospect of more power in her future.

Gotta love that American dream.