Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Trying Really Hard Tonight

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With Republicans losing control of the House, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has become the administration’s first line of defense, and has been given the unenviable task of insisting that everything is fine. It’s just fine!

And folks? She’s really going for it.

Speaking with Fox News before the official results were in, Sanders claimed that “you’re seeing Americans come out and unanimously say that they are proud” of President Donald Trump, which is a pretty interesting use of the word “unanimously” if you ask me.


She added that “frankly right now, the president’s had an incredible night” in spite of the fact that, at the time she said it, not only did his party lose control of the House, but his number one voter suppression monster, Kris Kobach, was going down to defeat.


Sanders also offered some extremely well intentioned and not at all selfishly motivated advice to Democrats once they find themselves in power: Don’t “waste time investigating” the Trump administration.


Wow, what a kind and selfless act of generosity! So thoughtful!

And then, just to make sure that everyone in America knows that things are peachy keen, Sanders made an impromptu appearance in the White House driveway to once against stress how great things were going for Trump.


Of course, that doesn’t mean everything in Washington is lovey-dovey now. Asked whether Trump would call Nancy Pelosi to congratulate her on her party’s resounding congressional victory, Sanders snipped that it was “doubtful,” adding,I don’t know why he would.