Sarah Huckabee Sanders Parrots Trump's Favorite Deranged Conspiracy Theory

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If there was ever a question of whether or not Donald Trump would drop one of his most beloved conspiracy theories, Sarah Huckabee Sanders settled that in a press briefing on Monday, telling reporters that Trump “still strongly feels that there was a large amount of voter fraud” in the 2016 election that he won.

“There were a large number of incidences reported, but we can’t be sure exactly how much, because we weren’t able to conduct the full review that the president wanted because a number of states did not want to cooperate and refused to participate,” Sanders said.


What is this, 2016? Ha ha, no! It’s 2018 and we live in hell. Trump is apparently still obsessed with the demonstrably false claim that he only lost the popular vote because “millions of people” voted illegally.


In fact, a whole sham—and racist!—commission to investigate this fake problem was created and disbanded in the time since Trump first started hawking this patently false claim. But Trump built his name on conspiracy theories, and will likely die gasping the words “I won the popular vote,” so we likely haven’t heard the last of this one, even still.