“Certainly, I won’t disagree with the fact that they grandstand,” Sanders agreed. “I think it’s pretty widely known that it happens.”


She continued:

The president does more short Q+A sessions than any president has prior to him. We’ve looked at those numbers.


I always think if you can hear directly from the president and the press has a chance to ask the president of the United States questions directly, that’s infinitely better than talking to me. We try to do that a lot, and you’ve seen us do that a lot over the last three weeks, and that’s gonna take the place of a press briefing when you can talk to the president of the United States.


Under normal circumstances, Sanders might have barely brushed up against a reasonable point: It’s good to hear administration news right from the source! But in this case—with a president who is a mush-brained liar—it’s hardly reassuring that Sanders thinks letting Trump ramble about Elton John and the 2016 election is a good substitute for actually being asked direct questions about what the White House is doing.

But hey, at least he doesn’t grandstand, right?