Sarah Huckabee Sanders Sputters Nonsense When Asked Point Blank About Lying for Trump

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders—a professional bullshit artist whose ability to spew nonsense is matched only by her inability to modulate the tone of her voice while doing so—would prefer if those pesky White House reporters would stop pushing back on her lies and just accept them as God’s honest truth like good little plebes. Is that so hard, people??


During Monday’s White House Press Briefing, Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey asked Sanders point blank why anyone should trust her, given the fact that one of her most consequential recent assertions—that Donald Trump had nothing to do with drafting a statement in response to his idiot failson’s now-infamous meeting with Russian intermediaries—has now been explicitly contradicted by the president’s own legal team.

“How can we believe what you’re saying from the podium?” Dawsey pressed Sanders.

Sanders, obviously flustered at being called out on her bullshit, could only sputter a stock answer about referring those questions to the president’s personal lawyers.

“I’m not gonna respond to a letter from the president’s outside counsel,” she responded multiple times, before calling on another reporter entirely.

So there you have it: Please do NOT ask Sarah Huckabee Sanders about being a tremendous liar, OK? Thank you.

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