Sarah Huckabee Sanders: This Horrible Thing Is Actually Very Good

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

By now you’ve almost certainly seen the photograph of two-year-old Yanela Hernandez sobbing in terror as her mother is searched by Customs and Border Patrol agents. It’s a sobering image, and because of it, Hernandez has become the de facto face of the Trump administration’s cruel “zero tolerance” policy on immigration.

For White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, however, a picture of a screaming, traumatized child is just another way to Own The Libs™.


As Hernandez’ father Denis claims in the article Sanders linked to, his infant child wasn’t separated from her mother, but was rather jailed with her (ICE has since confirmed the pair are being detained together in Texas).

So take that, haters! Joke’s on you for, uh, being outraged that the Trump administration doesn’t so much separate children from their parents (although, yeah, they totally do that too) as they lock screaming toddlers in prison alongside their mothers. For Sanders, this is evidently a hill worth dying on.

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