While Sarah Jessica Parker has long served as America's de facto style ambassador, it comes as a surprise to learn via May's Glamour Magazine — in which the former Sex and the City star shares the cover with First Lady Michelle Obama and Scandal's Kerry Washington — that the actress regrets never having served the country as a soldier.


Speaking with the magazine regarding her involvement with Joining Forces, the First Lady's initiative to advocate for military families, Parker reveals she feels "ashamed" for never having served in the US Army.

"I feel like there's a laundry list of issues [female soldiers] face… Being a working mother, serving, returning from Iraq or Afghanistan—I almost don't know where to begin… And I feel intimidated by their service; I feel ashamed that I haven't served. So I almost feel like I'm patronizing by inquiring how to help. When you see a serviceman or -woman, you always—I always—say, 'Thank you for your service.' But you know that's not enough… What do we do? Every community has a community of veterans. Where do we begin?"

Humbled, SJP instead took First Lady Michelle Obama's advice and redirected her energies into working with her own local community of veterans, including one vet suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), and raising awareness around the "public health challenges" many military men and women face upon returning home after service.


Of course, on top of the goodwill these "power women" are wielding with their involvement with Joined Forces, they comprise a veritable trifecta of style, being shot by famed lensman Patrick Dermarchelier in the White House for their shared cover. Awash in neutrals and leaning on each other, Obama, Parker, and Washington look like a united front of grace and strength.

Images via Glamour.

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