Sarah Sanders Goes on Fox News to Tell Some Lies About Civility

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a liar, appeared on Tuesday’s Fox & Friends to address the hardshipnay, the discrimination—that a certain group of people in America are facing today.

It wasn’t racism. It wasn’t homophobia or transphobia. Wasn’t even sexism! No, this travesty was the bigotry being displayed towards members of the Trump administration for their odious policies and treatment of the American people.

That’s right. Now that Americans have been emboldened to turn these assholes (like Sanders herself) away at restaurants, and to calmly, eloquently ask them to retire in other restaurants because of their vile treatment of immigrants, poor people, the LGBTQ community, women—the list goes on and on, really—suddenly Sanders is the champion of civility and the golden rule. After being asked about “civility,” a word host Ainsley Earhardt maybe learned last week, she told Fox and Friends:

I’m going to continue to do exactly what I tell my kids to do, and that’s to treat everybody with respect whether I disagree with them or not. I think it’s sad the situation and where politics have gotten. Look, we live in an amazing country and certainly people should be free to disagree, but I think we can do that in a way that is much nicer that doesn’t call for people to never be able to step foot in public.

Yes, it’s the people who disagree that’s sad, not the countless attacks on various marginalized communities. Also, I wonder where this desire for people to feel free to disagree was when Sanders was calling for ESPN’s Jemele Hill to lose her job because of a tweet about Donald Trump. It’s almost like...she is a liar.


I would also just like to point out that, in this clip, Earhardt claims Oprah didn’t want to run for president because she saw what was happening to people in the Trump administration at restaurants—which is COMPLETELY BOGUS. It’s maybe a reference to Oprah’s recent British Vogue cover story in which she cited the “bullshit” of the “political structure” as a reason for not running, but still: BOGUS.

Anyway, Sanders continued weaponizing the Golden Rule and painted the Trump administration as just a bunch of very innocent and earnest do-gooders under attack.

And I think it’s a sad day in America when Democrats’ only message is to attack people that support this president and support this country and that we are here working hard every single day to make it better.

Sanders is a liar whose job involves covering for her boss, a bigger liar. She and other people who are enforcing and defending the white supremacist policies of President Donald Trump and are gleefully fast-tracking the demise of America should have to deal with public anger if they’re going out in public. They should face the consequences of what they’re doing.

Isha is a staff reporter who covers pop culture, representation in media, and your new faves.

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