Sarah Silverman told Bernie Sanders fans at the DNC they were 'being ridiculous,' and all hell broke loose

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Many commentators remarked that the start of the Democratic National Convention seemed to be dominated by supporters of Bernie Sanders, who was scheduled to speak Monday night. They went so far as to boo Hillary Clinton's name every time she was mentioned.

Comedian Sarah Silverman had a very pointed response to them. A Sanders supporter herself, she explained that she would nevertheless support Hillary Clinton. People started booing at this. Silverman then turned to what she called the "Bernie or Bust" crowd, saying, "You're being ridiculous." Watch:


The remark was totally ad-libbed, as Silverman and Senator Al Franken were asked by convention directors to stay on as singer Paul Simon prepared to come on stage. In a night of canned speeches from elected officials, it was the most charged moment of the night.

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