Scan to Smoke? Vapor Corp E-cigarette to Unlock With Fingerprint

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

E-cigarettes are undeniably better for you than real cigarettes but the jury's still out on whether or not they are completely safe to use. Regulation of the e-cig market is murky; and even if they aren’t harmful, how do you stop those underage from accessing them? With flavors like vanilla and jellybean on sale from different manufacturers, that’s a valid concern.


This is where the Vapor Corp e-cigarette comes in with its rather ingenious and slightly over the top tech. Basically, it is a large vaporizer (an electronic cigarette that works with liquid refills) with a biometric fingerprint sensor.

Unless your digits fits, the electric circuits won’t activate, meaning you’ll puff with no huff.

The model is still in prototype mode currently, but they say they hope for a shipment date of later this year, with an estimated retail price of around $200-300.

The company also has some other plans for this high tech gadget, as they hope to incorporate monitoring into the device. So, not only do you need to “unlock” your smoke, you can also get data on how much you smoke, how often, and your peak times.

We live in a connected world folks. Now this just needs to match up with the Bluetooth toothbrush that was also announced, and we'll have perfect symbiosis.