Scarlett Johansson’s Ivanka Trump on ‘SNL’ is the perfect feminist for the One Percent

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“She’s beautiful. She’s powerful. She’s…Complicit.”

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka is making a killing in online sales of her perfume, thanks to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway unethically telling people to go buy her stuff on national television. But until now, the first daughter has gotten off pretty easily in the political comedy world. Not anymore.


Appearing for a fifth time on Saturday Night Live last night, Scarlett Johansson perfectly skewers Ivanka Trump—or as Slate’s Matthew Dessem calls her, “the inflammable rayon glove on the iron fist”—in a faux commercial peddling her personal perfume line at a gathering of some of the country’s elite.

The SNL skit takes a pretty solid jab at Ivanka’s so-called activism, selling her as “a feminist. An advocate. A champion for women. But, like…how?”



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