School won't teach children about trans issues because Kim Davis' lawyers threatened to sue

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The group that backed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis in her battle against same-sex marriage has now turned its attention to a Wisconsin school that attempted to teach children about transgender issues.


The Mount Horeb Primary Center was due to have some of its students read "I Am Jazz," a children's book about trans teen Jazz Jennings. (Jennings is also the subject of a TLC reality show that has been targeted by conservative groups.) The school worked hard to inform parents about why it was doing this, as the Capital Times reported:

A letter was sent out to parents notifying them of the scheduled reading on Nov. 19th. The note, signed by the principal, school psychologist and a counselor, said that the school was working with a student that identifies as a girl but has male anatomy.

"We believe all students deserve respect and support regardless of their gender identity and expression, and the best way to foster that respect and support is through educating students about the issue of being transgender," the note reads.

Enter the Liberty Counsel. The group—which has been classified as a homophobic hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center—pounced, firing off a threatening letter to the school. The letter accused the school of "promoting non-factual, radical, and controversial assumptions about 'gender'" and "disturbing children who will now falsely believe that one can choose one's gender," and vowed to file suit if the reading went ahead.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

In response, the Mount Horeb school district canceled the reading. Another job well done, Liberty Counsel!