Science Says: 45% of Men Last Less than 2 Minutes in Bed

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How many times a week should you be having sex? And how long should it last?

Don't pretend you haven't Googled one or both of those questions. Well Google no further because Dr. Harry Fisch, sexual health doctor and author of The New Naked: The Ultimate Sex Education for Grownups, has the answers. And if you're a guy who gets self-conscious about your performance levels, the following statistics could prove comforting.


According to Fisch's "experience," the average frequency is two to three times per week. What's more surprising, though, is the typical length of the "sex act."

Fisch says that an "astonishing" 45% of men are finished within two minutes; which, scientifically speaking, is far too little time to allow a female partner to get much satisfaction.

Despite the surprisingly high percentage of two-minute men (better than one minute, but Missy Elliot would not be impressed), the average sex session lasts 7.3 minutes.

More details can be found at where Dr. Fisch posted an excerpt from his new book.

h/t The New Republic

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