Scientific Proof That Drake Makes You Look Hotter

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Admit it. You’ve totally had one of those Deeply Personal Moments in your car, crying away to whatever’s playing on the stereo, when all of a sudden you catch your reflection in the rear view.


The music gloomily in the background and you slowly, deliberately, wipe one solitary tear from your eye. And then you think: “Damn, I look good right now — in a tortured artistic kind of way.”

Well – science has kinda proved that your mental movie-montage fantasy is, in fact, kinda true. The cry fest you might have had to Drake, Morrissey, or any number of other Sad Boys and Girls did actually make you look pretty hot.


A group of Dutch researchers from Tilburg University published a recent study about this in the August 28th issue of the Psychology of Music journal. They had 366 people look at pictures of crying, smiling, angry, and yawning people.

As the scientists played music they dubbed happy, angry, sad, and calm (mostly classical pieces), they asked study participants to rate photos of crying and angry faces for their perceived kindness, attractiveness, and pleasantness.

The findings? Sad, calm music led participants to rate the crying people as more attractive and pleasant.

So next time you need some sympathy, crank the tunes and let the waterworks flow. Try weeping to these songs below.



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