Scott Pruitt Reportedly a Trash Monster

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EPA administrator Scott Pruitt—aside from being a corrupt shill for the energy industry—is also reportedly a huge slob.

Tucked into a Daily Beast story on Thursday night—about the recent revelations of Pruitt’s condo situation potentially forcing the lobbyist whose family owned the condo into an early retirement—is this tidbit about Pruitt’s living habits:

The living arrangement caused headaches in real time as well. Pruitt was described by numerous sources as a disastrous tenant, with one comparing him to Owen Wilson’s character in You, Me and Dupree. According to three people familiar with events, Pruitt would not take out the trash during his time staying at the townhouse believing that a cleaning service would do it for him. There was no cleaning service that came with the apartment, however. And the garbage bags piled up to the point that Vicki Hart was forced to tell him to put them in the canister and to bring that canister out to the street the next time he left the building.

“Tenant from hell,” said one source.

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency, described as the “tenant from hell” for the lobbyists who owned the condo he lived in for fifty dollars per night.


This is only the most recent story to come out about how Pruitt was a terrible guest. Politico reported last Friday that Steve and Vicki Hart, the owners of the condo, “became so frustrated by their lingering tenant”—that’s Scott Pruitt—”that they eventually pushed him out and changed their locks.” According to one of Politico’s sources, Pruitt was the “Kato Kaelin of Capitol Hill,” a reference to O.J. Simpson’s houseguest who later became a witness for the prosecution in Simpson’s murder trial.

Kaelin responded on Twitter, because of course he did:


I think we’ve found our new EPA administrator.