Scott Pruitt Reportedly Asked Trump to Fire Jeff Sessions and Replace Him With...Scott Pruitt

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Fresh off of being viciously owned in a restaurant and a story dropping about how he’s a cheap dickhead, Scott Pruitt’s got more bad news.


CNN reports that the EPA administrator took a big swing for the fences and asked Donald Trump to fire Jeff Sessions so Trump could replace him with Scott Pruitt. Seems like he missed. Per CNN:

Embattled Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt directly appealed to President Donald Trump this spring to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and let him run the Department of Justice instead, according to three people familiar with the proposal. In an Oval Office conversation with Trump, Pruitt offered to temporarily replace Sessions for 210 days under the Vacancies Reform Act, telling the President he would return to Oklahoma afterward to run for office.


Advisers quickly shot down the proposal, but it came at a time when Trump’s frustration with Sessions over his decision to recuse himself from overseeing the Russia investigation had resurfaced. Trump has complained loudly and publicly about the recusal for the last 14 months, and floated replacing Sessions with Pruitt as recently as April.

Not sure what’s more wild: that a guy did this while facing over a dozen federal probes right now, mostly for things related to being a tacky dipshit, or that he firmly believes he has a political future waiting for him back in Oklahoma right now.

Either way, he’s denying it. “This report is simply false,” Pruitt said in a statement to CNN after they published the story. “General Sessions and I are friends and I have always said I want nothing more than to see him succeed in his role.” (CNN says that the White House didn’t respond to a request for comment. It’s also kind of weird that he called him “General Sessions.”)

Despite yet another streak of bad news in a tenure that’s been full of them, CNN reports that there’s no indication that Pruitt will lose this job that he’s very bad at:

White House officials continue to be perplexed by Pruitt’s good standing with the President. While Trump has privately acknowledged that the EPA chief has created a slew of bad headlines, there is no plan to dismiss Pruitt right now, according to several sources inside the White House.


A White House whose main political project is the pursuit of owning the libs is “perplexed” that an absurdly corrupt and incompetent moron who everyone hates still has a job. For sure.

Oh well. At least Pruitt will always have his art to fall back on.

News editor, Splinter