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Wisconsin’s corncob doofus of a governor Scott Walker has waded into the ongoing debate over whether professional athletes should protest systemic racial injustice in the United States, or if they should just shut up and pretend like empty gestures of patriotism can cure all of America’s ills.

To do this, the ham sandwich idiot urged NFL players to open their regular season on Thursday night by choosing to “stand up, put their hands on their heart, and show some RESPECT to the brave men and women in uniform.” He illustrated this extremely serious point with a bitmoji cartoon.


It’s unclear whether the animated manchild featured in Walker’s doodle is meant to be the governor himself, or just some smooth-faced toon who loves America. For comparison’s sake, here’s Walker and his bitmoji, side by side:

Photo: Scott Olson / Scott Walker (Getty / Twitter)

Recent polling shows Walker tied or trailing his Democratic opponent Tony Evers in Wisconsin’s upcoming gubernatorial election. But if anything can put him over the edge, it’s this, the Patriotic Bitmoji.

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