Scott Walker Performs Final Despicable Act, Can Fuck Off Forever Now

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker lost his election and will hopefully never show his face in local or national politics again. But before leaving, he signed into law today a package of legislation that constitutes a blatant power grab by the Wisconsin GOP to strip power from Walker’s successor, Democrat Tony Evers, before he even takes office.


Among the new restrictions, the bills limit early voting—blatant voter suppression and reminiscent of an earlier bill that was declared unconstitutional, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)—change the way Evers can make appointees to state office, and allow the legislature to defend its policies in court if attorney general-elect Josh Kaul (who also is a newly-elected Democrat!) refuses to do so.

What the bills are designed to do is shift power away from the executive branch of Wisconsin’s government and back toward the legislative branch, where the Wisconsin GOP has rigged a nearly impossible-to-overcome majority. A real shitty move for a losing party, in other words!

Evers has mentioned the possibility of combatting this with lawsuits, but even if he wins, it’ll be a hugely inconvenient start to his time as governor, in which he will likely attempt to turn back the monumental damage Walker did to unions and public employees, as well as protections for reproductive rights and his draconian cuts to public education.

Great job Scott, you did it. Now please fuck off forever.

Contributing Writer, Splinter