Sean Hannity Accidentally Makes a Great Commercial for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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Sean Hannity, the Elmer Fudd of media, dedicated part of his Wednesday night show to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the socialist New York City underdog whose stunning victory over 10-term Democratic incumbent Joe Crowley has completely changed the game and reshaped what people think the left can look like in America.

Hannity decided to list all of the various issues Ocasio-Cortez addressed and ran on, in what appeared to be an attempt to display what he probably sees as her anti-American communist agenda that is inherently dangerous because she is a woman of color. In true Hannity fashion, though, he seems to have inadvertently made a pretty decent ad for her.


Hm, yep, looks pretty good to me. After warning the audience to look “very carefully,” at the list, Hannity intoned, “This is your future. This is your modern Democratic Party,” as the camera panned over phrases like “Women’s Rights” and “Support Seniors.”

Truly, a very spooky vision.