Sean Hannity—Hypocrite!?!?

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Sean Hannity would like the people of America to know that, actually, he definitely does NOT support the jailing of political opponents.


Reacting to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly telling congressional Democrats that rather than impeach President Donald Trump, “I want to see him in prison,” Hannity railed against “the party of anti-Trump rage and psychosis,” insisting Pelosi’s comments were “beyond despicable behavior” that would “turn the USA into a country we would no longer recognize.”

Hannity, however, seemed to have no problem with hordes of MAGA chuds chanting “lock her up” about Hillary Clinton during the Trump’s many, many campaign rallies—including the one in Cape Girardeau, MO, where he served as a presidential warm-up act. A review of transcripts of Hannity’s show by Mediaite also found Hannity referenced Clinton at least once in every show over the last year—more than 240, some of which were reruns.

Sean Hannity a hypocrite? Why I never!

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