Sean Hannity is All Horned Up for a Sarah Palin 2022 Senate Campaign

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Here’s an extremely fun political Mad Libs thing from tonight: Sean Hannity wants Sarah Palin to run against Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska GOP primary in 2022 because Murkowski voted against confirming Brett Kavanaugh.

That’s a real thing! Hannity said it on The Sean Hannity Show (it’s radio) this afternoon. While Hannity’s general ramblings aren’t often quite as ludicrously newsworthy as, say, Tucker Carlson, this tidbit is relevant because a) it’s funny and b) Murkowski getting primary’d from the right would definitely shift the balance of the Senate slightly.

Here’s the quote, per Media Matters for America:

There’s a little bit of payback I see for Senator Lisa Murkowski. The GOP in Alaska apparently is going to either reprimand or totally disavow Lisa Murkowski.

I would assume a primary. I tell you, the one person I’d love in Alaska to run against her would be Sarah Palin. Maybe Governor Palin could make a political comeback. I think the people there would like that a lot.


Hannity’s comments refer to the Alaska GOP, which is mulling over a possible censure for Murkowski’s Kavanaugh vote. Thanks to Susan Collins’s obscene grandstanding, Murkowski’s vote was effectively null, but that didn’t stop Trump from flying off the handle about it, calling in to the Washington Post shortly before Kavanaugh’s confirmation:

“I think she will never recover from this,” Trump told the Post. “I think the people from Alaska will never forgive her for what she did.”

Palin joined in, of course:


But the 2022 election is a long long way and a full presidential election away from now, and at the rate that politics goes, there’s plenty of time for Murkowski to get back in the GOP’s good graces. The most interesting thing in Alaska right now is the slow influx of Democratic state representatives and senators, who, by 2022, might be in a position to take a meaningful run at Murkowksi’s seat. Either that or Palin will, who the hell knows — she’s taken over for a Murkowski before, thrashing Lisa Murkowski’s father Frank in the 2006 gubernatorial primary.

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