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Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s personal attorney, had his first court hearing today in an ongoing legal saga surrounding his shady career. Cohen, who’s reportedly under investigation for possible campaign finance violations and bank fraud, had said in court filings ahead of the hearing that he’s had three clients over the past year: Trump, GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy, and a third he wanted very, very much to remain secret. Clearly, Judge Kimba Wood, who was presiding, didn’t agree, ruling that he must disclose that client’s name. And it’s a bombshell:


THE CLIENT WAS NONE OTHER THAN SEAN HANNITY, the Fox News meathead who wants everything the president has!!!!

This is hilarious on any number of levels, but most prominently: Hannity has been running multiple segments condemning the recent FBI raid on Cohen’s home and office and the broader Russia probe—all without disclosing that he was Cohen’s client. Here was Hannity’s response:

While Hannity is far from a beacon of journalistic integrity, this is a new professional low.

UPDATE, 3:46 pm: Fox News host Shep Smith, who was hosting his show as the news about Hannity broke, offered this ingenious defense from a Fox spokesperson:


UPDATE, 4:02 pm: Hannity aggressively distanced himself from the notion that Cohen worked as his attorney both on Twitter and on his radio show:


Hannity also referenced a plot point from the legacy TV show Breaking Bad, which is perhaps where he gets his legal advice from, if not Cohen:

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