Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Living in Donald Trump’s America in 2018 means happily embracing the chance of a fiery death in some kind of apocalyptic natural disaster with far more excitement than fear. This is because there are so many very special moments that re-instill the existential realization that we deserve this while simultaneously galvanizing our hope for the end of the world. Sean Hannity’s battle with Jimmy Kimmel this week is one of them.

Earlier this week, Kimmel poked fun at Melania Trump’s accent after she read a book aloud to children at the White House Easter Egg Roll. Hannity, a real knight in shining armor who makes his living denigrating immigrants of color, responded to Kimmel by bravely standing up for the damsel in distress on his show. He also deemed Kimmel an “assclown,” which is apparently the word of the goddamn year.

Last night, Kimmel gave the “assclown” quip the treatment it deserved, calling Hannity out for standing up for Roy Moore (great!) and going on about Hannity’s erections (uh...), taking this already unnecessary beef down another road no one wants to be on.

Predictably, Hannity lost his shit—I mean, his assclowns—and spent his night tweeting videos of Kimmel being a misogynist on The Man Show (as if Hannity wasn’t eating that up at the time), tagging Disney to get him fired, and sending mild threats about the end of Kimmel’s career.



Of course Jimmy Kimmel responded on Twitter.

So Hannity responded to the response.


Who knows how this will play out? On the one hand, Kimmel, the hero we deserve, is the perfect person to take Hannity and his truly deranged bigotry to task and deliver a home run for his audience and the people who watch it on YouTube the next day. On the other hand, in the battle between Kimmel and Hannity pooping back and forth forever, we have all already lost. Whenever you’re ready, giant as(ssclown)teroid in the sky!