Sean Hannity Might've Just Blabbed a Bit Too Hard

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Fox News personality and human-shaped lump of earwax Sean Hannity may be very good at whispering sweet nothings into Donald Trump’s ear, but during his Thursday night interview with the president, Hannity may have flapped his gums a little too much.

Nothing that “I was kind of dragged in, a little bit, into the Michael Cohen issue,” Hannity let slip that he and Cohen had discussed the illegal hush money payments Trump’s former attorney had paid—allegedly on behalf of and at the direction of Trump himself—to porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy playmate Karen McDougal.


“I can tell you, personally, he said to me, at least a dozen times, that he made the decision on the payments and he didn’t tell you,” Hannity offered, seemingly out of the blue, during his discussion with Trump.

As Hannity noted earlier in the interview, he and Cohen have a complicated relationship, to say the least. According to Cohen’s attorney, Hannity was Cohen’s secret “third client”—something Hannity has denied, and claims Cohen has since retracted the claim (Why no one brought this up during Cohen’s congressional hearing on Wednesday is one of life’s little unsolved mysteries, I suppose).

But given that Democrats are already licking their chops to talk to anyone invoked by Cohen during his testimony, it sure seems like, if he wasn’t already on the list of potential witnesses to be dragged in for a congressional interview on the hows and whys of the hush money payments, Hannity’s admission on Thursday would land him there now.

“[The people mentioned by Cohen] have a good chance of hearing from us — at least an interview,” House Oversight Committee chair Rep. Elijah Cummings told reporters on Thursday. “We’ll go through it, we’ll figure out who we want to talk to, and we’ll bring them in.”


Of course, this doesn’t mean Sean is guaranteed to make a House appearance. But in this instance, his tried and true method of putting the spotlight squarely on himself may have lead to the exact sort of scrutiny he would probably like to avoid.

So nice work, Sean: Looks like your attempt at obsequious bootlicking could backfire pretty spectacularly. Smart stuff.

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