Sean Hannity Takes the Dumbest Shot at Bernie Sanders Yet

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Even by the abysmally low standards he’s set for himself over the past decade of cable news punditry, Sean Hannity’s most recent episode of his eponymous Fox News shout-fest was a painfully acute reminder that Hannity is one of the absolute dumbest people on TV today.

Commenting on Monday on Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign kickoff in Brooklyn this weekend, Hannity was aghast that Bernie—a socialist (debateable) “open borders advocate” (definitely not)—would dare speak to the unwashed masses from behind...a barrier.


Calling it “hypocrisy,” Hannity was practically flabbergasted that Sanders “was happy to greet his supporters from”—hold for pregnant pause—“behind a barrier!”

“Why’s the fence up, Bernie?” Hannity added. “Oh, a barrier’s acceptable if they protect you personally? They’re only wrong if they’re used to protect our borders and the American people?”

Yeah! And how dare people concerned about catastrophic climate change breathe in our precious oxygen and exhale wasteful CO2? Hypocrisy much??? Better pack it up, Bernie: you’re done for now.