Sean Hannity Triggers the Libs With Worst Trump Fan Art In All of Creation

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Neckless blowhard Sean Hannity loves nothing more than using his platform to trigger the libs with a steady stream of IN YOUR FACE un-PC content, and he did it again on Monday night when he tweeted a video documenting the creation of some truly awful Donald Trump fan art.

Oh, the “‘left’ loves art,” you say?? Try watching this video about the creation of a painting depicting President Trump standing alone on a football field clutching a beat-up American flag and attempting to wipe it clean with a rag without DYING.

In the video, the painter Jon McNaughton, a kind of right-wing Norman Rockwell for people who think Obama is secretly Muslim, mused about how he wanted to create “a picture that would represent how I feel about the American flag.”

He continued:

For me, the American flag is more than a banner. It represents all the people who have suffered and died for the values that we hold dear in this country, for freedom. Yes, the right to protest. But not to disrespect our flag, that’s a whole different ball game.


A different ball game indeed—one that flag disrespecters like Colin Kaepernick could NEVER understand.

Predictably, the good people of the internet took turns dunking the hell out of Hannity:



  • Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel insisted his office had received no more than 23 calls about Nikolas Cruz, who’s charged with murdering 17 of his former classmates and teachers in a Florida high school. But records obtained by CNN show the agency received at least 45 calls from 2008 to 2017, contributing to questions about whether law enforcement missed critical warning signs ahead of the mass shooting.
  • Suicide-joking vlogger Logan Paul is allowed to have ads on his YouTube channel again after the site’s 18-day probation expired.
  • A morning tweet from our president:


  • I can say no more.