Sean Hannity's Extreme Hypocrisy Comes Back to Bite Him

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Fox News non-journalist Sean Hannity, a man who would be well-served by keeping a low profile right now, did an insanely tone-deaf tweet on Wednesday afternoon, apparently forgetting he works for a network that’s been rocked by scandal after scandal.


Hannity deleted the tweet, which read “A NEW LOW at 30 Rock...” and linked to a new post on about the news that NBC staffers felt pressured to defend Tom Brokaw, who was accused of sexual harassment last week.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

As CNN’s Oliver Darcy first flagged, the story was also pulled down within hours—perhaps because someone reminded Hannity that he vociferously defended his disgraced boss, Roger Ailes, when faced with allegations that he abused and exploited women for years—but the cache version of “NBC NIGHTMARE” can still be read here.

Learn to read the fucking room, my man!

Managing Editor, Splinter