Sebastian Gorka Was a Wanted Man in Hungary the Entire Time He Worked in the White House

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Sebastian Gorka, the Nazi-adjacent former adviser to president Donald Trump, has been the subject of an active warrant issued by Hungarian police in 2016, according to a report from BuzzFeed News on Thursday.

Gorka, whose nebulous role at the White House was never fully defined during his eight-month tenure in the Trump administration, is wanted in connection with “firearm or ammunition abuse,” Buzzfeed reported, citing the Hungarian news outlet 444. The warrant, issued September 17, 2016, had been in effect during Gorka’s entire time in the the White House. He left his position in August 2017.

While little is known about the circumstance of the crime which Gorka is alleged to have committed, Hungarian police did share the following mugshot with Buzzfeed.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

I have reached out to Gorka for comment and will update this story with his response. When reached by BuzzFeed for any reaction to the news of his arrest warrant, Gorka said simply, “Don’t waste your time. I don’t talk to BuzzFeed, thank you.”

Gorka has made little secret of his love of guns. When asked by Recoil how many guns he owned, Gorka answered: “Many. And not enough.”

He also posed for this extremely dignified picture:


Gorka’s time in the White House was marred by reports that he had been a member of a Nazi-aligned group while in Hungary. He was also accused of dramatically over-inflating his national security bona fides—much of which was predicated on Islamophobic bigotry—while advocating for the president, including by the professor who oversaw his doctoral work.

While it is unclear how actively Hungarian police are pursuing Gorka, it’s safe to assume that, should they really want to pick him up, all they need do is cruise through Arlington, VA, looking for a badly parked Mustang with an “Art of War” vanity plate.


Update, 4:35 PM: In response to my request for comment, Gorka emailed to claim he’d “never heard of Splinter.” He later wrote back saying, “Just checked you out and you’re as bogus as BuzzFeed.”

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