Secret Drone Captures Amazing Views of NYC

Randy Scott Slavin/Vimeo

Forget Amazon. Photographer Randy Scott Slavin may have figured out the coolest use for drones yet.

According to Fast Company, Slavin purchased a small unmanned drone two years ago for $1,000. Once Slavin learned to fly it, he started shooting incredible bird’s-eye view footage of New York City.


Here’s the end result:

Slavin told Fast Company that police had approached him while he was launching his drone, but “they most just said, ‘That’s awesome.’” The response may have been different from the feds.

The Federal Aviation Administration has said it will begin granting drone licenses in 2015 for personal and commercial use. But for now, they’re not allowed. The FAA has shut down drone-powered ventures, from beer- and flower-delivery services to a pro baseball team's publicity photo shoots.


Some citizens who are concerned about violations of privacy, however, have taken matters into their own hands. Check out our report on one man in a small Colorado town who has selling novelty licenses for “drone hunting.”

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