See photos of the thousands who turned out for Stonewall’s LGBTQ anti-Trump rally in NYC

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With chants of “Dump Trump!” thousands from the LGBTQ community braved a cold Saturday afternoon to rally against President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban and other ridiculously discriminatory policies at the historic Stonewall National Monument in New York City’s Greenwich Village.


The “LGBT Solidarity Rally” was organized by New York Councilman Corey Johnson and sponsored by dozens of advocacy groups and politicians ahead of a larger national march planned for June 11 in Washington, D. C. Speaking at Saturday’s rally, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) recalled the struggle begun at Stonewall in 1969, when hundreds rebelled against police discrimination in a movement that was largely sparked by queer and trans youth of color and became the birth of the LGTBQ civil rights movement.

Last year, former President Barack Obama designated Stonewall as the country’s first national monument to LGBTQ rights.

“The pioneers at Stonewall were alone. They didn’t think they’d be able to do anything,” Schumer told those gathered. “But they fought, and fought, and fought, and eventually they won. We are going to do the same thing.”

NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer drew applause when he accused Trump of having “some emotional issues.”

“He’s depressed, no one went to his inauguration…No one wants to go to his party,” Stringer said, attacking the president’s notoriously thin skin. “The contributions of our immigrant communities from around the world have made New York the centerpiece of this world. We have to be proud…Now get out there and fight.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo also endorsed the rally, stating on Twitter, “We will do everything in our power to protect New Yorkers from discrimination.”


Here are more photos of the event, which coincided with similar protests around the world:


And one of the more popular demonstrators, in full patriotic outfit a la Kellyanne Conway:


No one likes dictators:


You know it's a good rally when the neighbors get involved: