Selfie-free zones are being introduced in Mumbai after college student dies

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Like any other city, there are probably hundreds of people taking selfies in Mumbai at any given moment over the course of a day. But on Sunday, a group of college students stood on the rocks at a popular seaside hangout, taking selfies without noticing the tide rising around them.


Three young women were pulled into the water, the Hindu reports: Terrarium Ansari, 18; Anjum Khan, 19; and Masturi Khan, 19. Only two of them survived. Ansari, along with a man who tried to rescue her, didn't make it out.

Today, Mumbai police announced they'll be putting in place selfie-free zones at 15 sites around the city popular with students and tourists, India Times reports. That could include warning signs and lifeguards in some locations, a police spokesperson said, though people won't be fined if they are caught taking selfies.

Selfie-related deaths have been on the rise in the last couple of years around the world. Last year, the New York Daily News reported that more people died while taking selfies than in shark attacks. (That meant just 12 incidents by their count.) Still, maybe this year let's reconsider the selfie on a skyscraper ledge or overlooking a canyon.