Senator Dean Heller's Campaign Paid His Influencer Son $50,000 For 'Quality Content'

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As one of the most endangered members of his caucus, Republican Senator Dean Heller is facing a tough re-election in November. So he’s turned to his influencer son—Harris Heller—to help him make some sweet, sweet social media content. Fifty thousand dollars worth of content, in fact, straight out of the coffers of Heller’s campaign and into the hands of his progeny, as HuffPost reported on Friday.


According to HuffPost, Harris and his wife, Kenzie Nimmo, were popular on Vine before it was shut down and have hundreds of thousands of followers on their YouTube accounts. Harris Heller’s LinkedIn page reads: “If I’m not playing guitar, snapchatting or streaming on Twitch you should probably call the police.”

Dean Heller’s campaign is paying his son to run his Instagram account and make videos. As HuffPost reports, “Paying family members with campaign funds is legal, as long as they aren’t paid more than market rate for the work and the work is for bona fide campaign services.”

So is Harris Heller’s work really worth $50,000 in consulting fees?


His dad’s campaign sure thinks so. A spokesman for the Heller campaign told HuffPost that “Harris Heller produces quality content at a cheap discount to the campaign. He creates social and digital media for Fortune 500 companies. He is an important part of our team, and we are lucky to have him.”

Quality content at a cheap discount??? Nothing to worry about here.

Clio Chang is a staff writer at Splinter.