Senator Still Talking About Deranged Greenland Deal Like It's a Real Thing

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It brings me no pleasure to report that Sen. Tom Cotton, the outspoken architect of the utterly absurd Greenland discourse, is back at it.


Tom Cotton has a new op-ed in the New York Times today titled “We Should Buy Greenland” with the subhed: “Trump isn’t the only one to recognize the country’s strategic importance. Beijing does, too.”

OK buckle up folks!!

America is not the only nation to recognize Greenland’s strategic significance. Intent on securing a foothold in the Arctic and North America, China attempted in 2016 to purchase an old American naval base in Greenland, a move the Danish government prevented. Two years later, China was back at it, attempting to build three airports on the island, which failed only after intense lobbying of the Danes by the Trump administration.

Crazy!! It’s almost as if Greenland is part of a different country (Denmark) and that country is perfectly capable of doing its own diplomacy. We don’t need to buy Greenland! It is not for sale. How are we still talking about this like it’s a real thing!

Contributing Writer, Splinter