Send Us Your Crazy Election Flyers

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

“Shredding the Constitution,” “Abolishing ICE,” and “socialist policies” are all among the warnings of an impending Democratic uprising found on the back of a flyer being distributed by the Florida Republican Party. In block letters running across the top banner, the ad urges citizens to “Vote Republican to protect your rights and stop the angry liberal mobs.”


The reason I know this is because a loyal Splinter reader decided to snap a photo and send it to us before returning the flyer—a good idea! With the midterm elections just over three weeks away and the reality that we live in the worst possible dimension slapping us in the face every day, the ad campaigns for thousands of local candidates are starting to crank into high gear. In tight races, especially in places that otherwise might not get national attention, this means the local GOP (or whatever group of crazies populate your town) might be willing to go that extra xenophobic mile to get those last few shut-ins to mail in their ballots.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

So we at Splinter are asking for any crazy flyers, billboards, TV ads, promotional tattoos, chalk drawings, or any other kind of Bizarro World midterm campaign materials you, the One Actually Good Commenter, might come across. You can, and should, send any that you see here or here.

If the crop is good, we’ll show you the best of the delicious garbage in a couple weeks. If not, well, hey, at least you know you’re not alone in having to look at this shit.