At its core, Snapchat is about letting people show the world what their lives are like right then and there. It's about living in the moment. It's about living a life with no filters (regardless of whichever goofy filters the app may offer on any given day).

Sometimes that means two horny college kids making a real-time a love connection as an entire city cheers them on. Sometimes that means channeling positive vibes to go from mid-level celeb to global phenomenon. And sometimes that means a world-champion athlete warns people about the dangers of eating expensive European dog food.


Oh, you haven't heard?

That's right, tennis great Serena Williams chowed down on some high class dog food, got catastrophic diarrhea, and lived to snap the tale.

Here's how it went down (and later, out).

While in Italy recently, Williams and her Yorkie, Chip, found themselves without puppy food, and were forced to resort to their hotel's (reportedly the Rome Cavalieri) dog menu, which is evidently a thing that actually exists. For 15 Euros, Williams ordered a salmon and rice dish which, upon closer inspection, looked pretty tasty not only to Chip, but to the No. 1 ranked woman's tennis player, as well.


So, explains Williams over the course of 24-part Snapchat saga, "I'm like, what the heck. I'm gonna try a piece. It looks good. Soooo…I eat a spoonful. Don't just me, I ate a spoonful."

Bad. Move.

"Let's fast forward to two hours. I just ran to the toilet like…whew…like I thought I was gonna pass out."


That's right. You can be the greatest tennis player of your generation, and still suffer a calamitous case of diarrhea from eating food intended for a different species.

"It was just a spoonful," gasps Williams a few snaps later. "And I am on the struggle bus."


And then, as if reading our collective minds, Williams gets to the point.

"But really though, I mean what was I thinking? Fifteen euros for a soup? Yesterday I paid 18 euros for beef and chicken. And today I paid 15 euros for that stuff that's making me go to the bathroom. I mean…I need a life."


Still, Williams manages to find a silver lining to this whole saga, ending her nearly-four minute long tale with a shot of her handwritten note to the next person thinking about eating off the doggie menu.


Lesson learned.

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