Serial is over, but here is some great geeky Serial material to ease the pain

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The final episode of Serial was released today, leaving millions of fans depressed and adrift. Without weekly doses of Sarah, Adnan and Mail Kimp, what's left to talk about with friends and co-workers? What will we ever tweet about? How will we make it through Thursdays?


Thankfully, Serial fans are a maniacally obsessed bunch who love to create #content. So throw on your Serial Podcast Parody T-shirt and turn up the volume on this mash-up of the Serial theme and Notorious B.I.G.'s "Somebody Gotta Die" because here are the best Serial-related supplementary materials to hold you over until next season.

Final episode, alternate version

Sarah Koenig has been under a lot of pressure these past few months, as seen in this Funny or Die parody; it doesn't even seem that far-fetched to imagine her frantically texting Jay while standing on a toilet seat in the office bathroom.


Season 2 Preview

Comedians Zach Cherry, Paul Laudiero, and Will Stephen, creators of the best Serial parody we've seen thus far, released their Season 2 preview today. Stay tuned for Flag Day scandals, calls to a Toyota dealership and tales of sexting in the 1930s.

Mail Kimp Remix

Add this to your SoundCloud party mix right away.

More Mail Kimp:


(Both Emily Wassermans loved it)


Food for thought: What if Serial was Seinfeld?


Original score from Serial

Composer Mark Henry Phillips created an entire score for the podcast, not just the catchy intro we all know and love/hate. The story behind his compositions will be of interest to any Serial obsessive. Play "Janitor Version 2" during the cocktail hour of your next podcast listening party for a guaranteed good time.


Season 2 suggestions

Among the many, many suggestions for Serial season 2 that have cropped up on the tweets in recent weeks, here are the ones we'd be down with:


Finally…channel your inner Koenig

For the particularly ambitious: check out this beginner's guide to creating your own podcast.


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