Seriously, Does Meghan McCain Not Know What Her Husband Does?

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Meghan McCain has long touted herself as a pro-LGBTQ Republican who champions the queer community by (checks notes) having lots of gay friends.


Alas, despite her very passionate pleas for straight people to recognize recent murders of black trans women amid an organized “straight pride parade” in Boston on Thursday’s episode of the View, McCain might want to start a little closer to home. Like, actually at home. Meghan, please, go home, and share this same exact same message with your husband, right-wing writer and Federalist co-founder Ben Domenech.

Speaking on Thursday’s show, McCain began by evoking the history of Stonewall, before explaining how else people attempting to celebrate “straight pride” are further oppressing people within the queer community.

“I also think we’re ignoring the fact that trans women of color are being murdered, it just recently happened in Dallas. Hate crimes are still existing everywhere,” McCain said. “So I think the idea that it’s still a comfortable place for the LGBT community in all spaces in this country is just not realistic.”

“I just think there’s always going to be morons in the world. There just are,” McCain continued later in the segment. “And the idea that you can compare yourself to an oppressed class and your experience in our society to an oppressed class is ridiculous, and there’s always going to be ridiculous people in the world, and I think it’s that simple.”

Perhaps that’s also the approach she takes with her husband, Ben Domenech, who co-founded and is the publisher of the hate-mongering, and very homophobic website the Federalist?


Scott Bixby, reporter for the Daily Beast, pointed out McCain’s hypocrisy on Twitter, sharing a super LGBTQ-friend headline that the Federalist published today: “It’s Not The Supreme Court’s Job To End Trans Bathrooms, It’s Yours.”


The article includes the phrase, “Boys used the boys’ bathroom and locker rooms, and girls used theirs,” and only goes downhill from there.

Bixby also shared other Federalist headlines of articles that express extremely transphobic ideas, such as “Is Transgender The New Anorexia?” and “Trans Competitors in Women’s Sports Destroy What Women Have Won.”


I am sure that many women are tired of answering for the terrible things that men they’re associated with have done. But my god, McCain said it herself—she’s a straight, white woman, who hasn’t had the same challenges that trans women of color have had. And yet she sits idly by with her privilege and power to offer a few choice words that make her look progressive while Domenech—the man whom she is married to who just had to apologize last month for making a virulently homophobic comment about Seth Meyers, who committed the unforgivable crime of lightly criticizing Meghan McCain—runs a website that regularly dehumanizes queer people.


It’s, to put it mildly, ridiculous. If Meghan truly wants to be an ally, there’s a very obvious and easy place to start.

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan