Sesame Street's Cookie Monster Stars In 'The Hungry Games'

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This Friday the second installation of the popular Hunger Games franchise is hitting theaters around the nation with "Hunger Games: Catching Fire." Naturally enough, the Cookie Monster, everyone’s favorite eternally hungry TV personality is joining in on the action with a new Sesame Street video titled "The Hungry Games: Catching Fur."


In this mock trailer, the Cookie Monster stars as Cookieness Evereat in an adventure where he has to… eat in order to win. Along the way, she is joined by by Pita, a piece of bread (and yes, a play off Josh Hutcherson’s character Peeta that almost gets sacrificed for the game), and a few other characters as they try to get away from wild monkeys and ‘tickle fog’ they encounter in the jungle.


It is no mystery that we love our muppets here at Fusion, and this clip is just straight up funny, even if you have to learn about patterns along the way. (It’s a kids show!)

Sesame Street has found a groove in this kind of formula that allows kids to learn, while adults get a kick out of it. Recently, they have even done spoofs of Sons of Anarchy (Sons of Poetry), Homeland (Homelamb), and Pirates of the Caribbean (Cookies of the Caribbean).
Check them all out below.

Sons of Anarchy (Sons of Poetry)


Homeland (Homelamb)


Pirates of the Caribbean (Cookies of the Caribbean)


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