Share If You Agree takes a tired Facebook meme to a hilarious extreme

Share If You Agree/Facebook

"Share if you agree" is a common refrain online. If you search Twitter or Facebook for the phrase you'll get an almost endless stream of every sentiment and/or opinion you can imagine, with the original poster imploring you to share. You'll also probably find more than a few people mocking the idea.

Share If You Agree is a Facebook page taking that mockery to a whole new level

The page, which has been active since late last month, has a fairly strict format: A photo or illustration, almost always without text except for "Share if you agree" in Impact font. Usually a couple are posted each day.


There are pictures of animals, people, people with animals, 3D generated images, celebrities. Sometimes they're ripped from the headlines, so to speak:

But more often they're not:


So far Share If You Agree has posted 63 photos. 3,648 people follow the page right now, an 1,810.5% increase from last week according to Facebook. There's no indication of who created the group, and the only information provided on the about page is the phrase "Share If You Agree."

But people share, usually just tens of them of fewer, but occasionally more:


For now Share If You Agree remains a (briefly) enduring mystery, just sitting on Facebook, shouting "share if you agree" out at its followers. Taking a phrase already rendered funny by overuse and trying to usher it further into absurdity. I can get down with that.

Share if you agree.

Ethan Chiel is a reporter for Fusion, writing mostly about the internet and technology. You can (and should) email him at

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