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The much anticipated sequel to SyFy’s TV movie, "Sharknado" is set to premiere this summer. With the original raking in 1.4 million viewers, the question on everyone’s mind is obvious; could a sharknado actually happen? Meh. But why waste time bickering semantics if a swirling storm of gators already has?!


Screen writers of the "Sharknado" series take note:
According to Mother Nature Network, and an alleged report by the New York Times, an actual recorded instance of gatornado dates all the way back to 1887. The not-so-gruesome details are described below.

"Dr. J. L. Smith, of Silverton Township (South Carolina), while opening up a new turpentine farm, noticed something fall to the ground and commence to crawl toward the tent where he was sitting. On examining the object he found it to be an alligator."

Smith then noticed a total of eight alligators within 200 yards of him. He was essentially surrounded by flesh eating reptiles dropped in his lap by a distant water-spout a.k.a – (that’s right) a gatornado. Sure these gators were only like a foot long but that’s still going to be one pissed off baby gator.

The nature website details other forms of animal-nados documented throughout history. Small fish, light enough to be sucked up into the funnel, have rained down in the Philippines and Australia. Thus making a sharknado theoretically possible if a strong enough storm hits.


Thankfully, the most common animal-nados are far less threatening; frogs in Serbia, tangled worm clumps falling from the sky in Louisiana (ewww), and last but not least, jellyfish.
Whoa, hold it right there…

A tornado filled with venomous jellies could certainly get ugly.


Sounds like seat-of-your-pants plot twist possibilities for the newly announced "Sharknado 3" which is now in the works (even though the sequel hasn't even premiered yet) to be followed by "Sharknado 4", "Sharknado 5", "Sharknado's Revenge", "Sharknado's Evil Twin", and of course "Sharknado Versus Optimus Prime."


Stay away from the window Dorothy!

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