Sheep cafés are the new cat cafés

B Is for Bear/Picasa

All I've ever wanted is to consume warm, caffeinated beverages and pastries baked on premises in the immediate vicinity of a friendly mammal that no one expects me to clean up after. Such is is magic of cat cafés.

But the sheep café, as seen in South Korea, ups the cat café experience by at least a factor of 10, if we're going by friendly mammal body weight alone.


In Seoul, Thanks Nature Café is home to two adorable sheep in the fall and winter months. Proprietor Kwang Ho Lee lets his woolly tenants (this year's pair are named Elsa and Anna) wander the space for visitors to pet and feed hay. It's cute as hell — and now that we're in the Year of the Sheep, business is better than ever.


I'm into it. I'm into it in a big way. But I do have a few questions: Is there a professional shearer on staff? Is there a barnyard smell to contend with? Is there at least a super-sized litter box?


But really, none of that matters. All that matters is this little girl, doing exactly what everyone would like to do immediately upon setting foot in a sheep café.


Images via B Is for Bear and Facebook

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