Sheriff David Clarke Resigns, Will Reportedly Join Trump's Administration

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Sheriff David Clarke submitted his resignation to the Milwaukee County Clerk on Thursday afternoon. It has long been rumored that Clarke, whose brand of law enforcement includes denying water to an inmate with disabilities who later died from dehydration, would join President Trump’s administration. In May, Clarke announced that he had accepted a position in the Department of Homeland Security, but DHS denied his announcement and the mysterious position never materialized.


Hours after Clarke submitted his resignation, Politco reported that Clarke was poised to accept a role in the White House — but a position that wouldn’t require a Senate confirmation given the foreseeable criticism of his grisly track record as sheriff.

From Politco:

It’s unclear what job Clarke will take in the administration, but one of the sources said he’s expected to join the White House. Clarke likely won’t be offered a Senate-confirmed role because his nomination would face opposition from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Clarke offered an ominous suggestion that he would join the administration in a text message to Politco. “Will talk about my future plans next week,” he said. White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters neither confirmed nor denied Politco’s report.

Earlier this week, Trump pushed Clarke’s book Cop Under Fire on Twitter and described him as a “great guy.” So there’s at least one person who is willing to overlook Clarke’s plagiarism, faux authoritative uniform, and wildly disturbing history of abuse as sheriff, which includes several deaths in jails that he oversaw. What a week it has been for Trump-loving sheriffs with twisted and troubling approaches to law enforcement!

Night Editor, Splinter