Shinseki Learns a Lesson From Sebelius and Resigns Much More Quickly

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Veterans Affairs chief Eric Shinseki met with President Obama on Friday to have what the president called a “serious conversation" about whether he’s the right person to repair widespread management problems at medical facilities for vets.

Apparently he was not.

Shinseki resigned before noon and Obama promptly accepted his resignation.

The scandal makes the botched healthcare rollout by former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius seem quaint, at least in terms of systematic abuse.


“It took 190 days for Sebelius to resign," Chris Cillizza wrote in The Washington Post. "If Shinseki is still in his position by 190 days from the start of his crisis — October 30, less than a week before Election Day — it would surprise more than a few people."

Alas, Shinseki didn't try to ride out the storm. Below, I imagine Sebelius calling Shinseki to commiserate.


Andy is a graphics editor and cartoonist at Fusion.